Curt James dot com

Curt James dot com

Welcome to Curt James dot com!

Next page update: Octobr 1, 2021

You’ve discovered my vanity website. I mean, who else do you know who has their name as a dot com?

Well, there’s Steve Martin, but he can play the banjo. I’ve owned an acoustic guitar, but that was more than forty years ago (and I never learned to play).

There’s also Arnold, but if you follow his link it’s only his last name in the url! So, yeah, take that, Arnold!

(I’m betting Arnold’s not concerned.)

I’m still the managing director of the Rx Muscle Forums. If you’re a fellow bodybuilding fan then you might want to check that out. Dave has had the site and its forum up and running since 2009.

I’ll also encourage you to visit Granite Supplements. That website notes: "Our mission at Granite Supplements is simple: we’re dedicated to providing scientifically formulated supplements to support you in all phases of your fitness journey. We’re here to help build you from the ground up and push you past your limits while ensuring our promise to never compromise on our commitment to quality and safety."

And they mean it. Visit, and if you make a purchase be sure to use code Curt for a 10% discount.

You can contact me at

And be sure to visit me on my Instagrams @ james.lifts and jameslovesorangecats. I'm also on Facebook @ Iron Fan and Curt James and TikTok @ user55454445.