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RMH: What State/Province/Country? V.2

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What State/Province/Country? V.2 (Version 1, August 14, 2001)

Anyone interested in another go? I've got my big map and a handful of colored thumb tacks at the ready.

"Beertender, a round for the patrons of this here Virtual Bar and Grill, when you have a moment, please. I'm buying and asking a question. Again!"

What state (if you're in the U.S. of A.) or province (if you're in Canada) or country (if you don't hail from either of those locales) do ya'll reside?

I enjoyed the December 14, 2000 'age at first ride' thread and was interested to know where everyone's located.

Hmm. There was also the 'first ride experience' from Jan. 18, 2003. Interesting replies.


Les, Tulsa, OK

Arie, “Right here, right now.”

BEAR, Baldwinsville, New York (Near Syracuse)

Stef, San Diego, CA

Grumpy a.k.a. Michael Hewitt, Turlock, CA

Youngblood, San Francisco, CA

ChrisM, once almost took a detour through the San Francisco bay area

Lilac, Carrollton, Texas, just a tad North of Dallas asked, “You gonna post a pic of that there map when its done bein' poked?”

TW, sez to Lilac, “Hidee Neighbor, I am just north of you in The Colony.”

Sven, sez to Lilac, “And I'm south of ya,about 30 minutes down in Duncanville,TX.”

Harold Gailey, Houston, TX

Aitch, London, England

AJ Wilcox, Palm Bay, FL, originally from Michigan

Bob Kelly, Nederland, Texas

Deuce, Moultrie, GA

Russell Watson, almost neighbors to Deuce in Moultrie, GA, Quincy area asked, “Posey's for a beer anyone?”

Ken Klein a.k.a. RunnerBiker, West Union, SC. West Union is about 15 miles west of Clemson, SC.

Bob Carroll a.k.a. EVLTWN, R.I.P., Franklin, TN, a small suburb of Nashvegas

Gopher, Central Arizona, US of A

Curt James, Carlisle, PA

Tud, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

TW, The Colony, TX, just a tad north of Dallas

Lee Petersen, TX

the heekster a.k.a. Rick Heeke, TX

Ironhorse, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Terry H a.k.a. Heritage_01, Yorktown, NY

GrumpyGrizz, Tok, Alaska

Old Crow, Mountain View, Arkansas

Bill C. a.k.a. SpaceCriter, State of confusion (aka Florida)

ChrisM, Huntington Beach, CA

Agua Noggin, “Mountain Home, Idaho for the next month and a half or so (from September 1, 2003). After that, it'll be about 315 miles s.e. of Aitch and somewhere around 790 miles s.w. of PiPPi, as the crow flies.”

Fins, “About 55 miles north of Grumpy and 35 miles west of RE.”

Panhead, “Same place as last time. BEAUTIFUL NJ! Bridgewater, to be exact.”

MWF a.k.a. Wayne Fernandez, Tampa, FL

Larry G, Fort Worth, TX

Bill rides a Road King in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Kathy Fetzer, a.k.a. Wildflower, “Weed Patch, Northern VA (aka Leesburg) -- looks like almost all Texans and other southerners answered this post so far. Guess everyone else is out in Chicago, Milwaukee, or places like that.”

Russell Watson, “In the woods 20 miles NW of Tallahassee, FL.” & “I'm up near the Capitol.”

Mike (did not top-post), San Antonio, TX

Tim Hughes, “Just southeast of Houston,TX.”

Roger M, “Same as last time, Front Royal VA. I be the fat greasy mechanic down on the corner.”

Billski, Aylesford, Kent, England

Terry Coombs a.k.a. Snag_one, Memphis, TN

PrettyHuge, North Andover, MA

BC, “Memphis, TN -- Home o' th' Blues...”

Rand McNally, Harbor Springs, MI

JohnBG, Florida, “Just offa I-4, 1/2 way between "the house the mouse built" and "the world's most famous beach" in the state that couldn't vote straight (soon to be upstaged by the Kalifornia rekall).”

George Pollard, “I live in Austin, Texas, but work in Cerritos, California. One hellova commute.

Larry, Knoxville TN

ratdoc, “Fargo, ND - but by the time you get your thumb tack out, it'll be Fox Lake, IL. NW of Chicago, near the WI border.”

Rudi, “Mansfield, Ohio at the confluence of I-71 and US-30.”

Scott Ray, “Hell, somebody from the PNW has to reply.” Salem, OR

Curly LaJolla, “Shhhhhhh.... They'll all wanna fuggin' come here.” Portland, OR

Don T., Colorado

Traci aka sybil, “5 minutes south of Saratoga Springs, NY.”

John Ross, Lafayette, IN

Irv Scoot, “Franklin, Tennessee, Just 16 miles south of Music City, Nashville, on I-65.”

Bob Carroll's EVLTWN, Franklin, TN

Odinn, Bethlehem, GA (about 50 miles ENE of Atlanta)

Ron, Bikersfield, CA

Nemo, Madison, WI

Steve Reyer, Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA

Dirty Harry, Vancouver, BC, Canada

A1987XLH2 a.k.a. GROG, Springfield, OH, "Springfield, Ohio Baby! Brought to you by industrial blight...if it ain't a city of old abandoned industral buildings, then it ain't Springfield..."

GzrGlide, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Zeke, Brookfield, PEI Canada (10 miles west of Charlottetown)

Paulie (not working!!!!!), Huntsville, AL, “And come see our rocket collection some time.”

SeiYuda, Duvall, WA

Lurch, “Hatched in Castle Rock, CO, Hitched in Wichita, KS, Hunkering down in Indianapolis, IN.”

D-Rog, Toledo, OH

Steve Irving (Irv) “I (was).......from just outside Dayton (Ohio)... Have relatives outside Cincy who ride....”

Roger (The Chrome Whore), “I'm from just East of Cleveland (Ohio), Willoughby to be exact.”

dekestar@aol.comspamsux (eatcrapspammers), a.k.a. Dave in Cleveland (C-Town), “Just west of Cleveland here, Rocky River.”

Rand McNally, re: Ohio, “Just south of Mackinaw (northern Michigan)” and “I'm in north of Petoskey- we have a regular ride on Tuesday nites during the not-snowing season. Everyone is invited. Burt Lake is beautiful. I'm the one in the Harley-Davidson shirt (with no dealer logo on the back) Join us (Northern MI Harley Riders) whenever. (sorry about the MSN crap... not my site)

bmorey, a.k.a. Duroc, Milford/Dearborn Heights, MI (near Wixom, MI)

Peter A. Jacobson, “A bit north of Detroit... West Bloomfield.”

TL Mitchell, “Hiding out in my Lair in the NE Ohio woods 'tween Cleveland and Youngstown myself....”

Rudi, Mansfield, OH

Ed Weidman, a.k.a. HydraGlider , “Wellington, Southwest of Cleveland. Wauseon, Ohio hosts a most excellent antique motorcycle swap meet.”

Waco, "I'm in Rowlett, TX (just east of Dallas)."

AJ Wilcox, Florida, “We are over on the Space Coast.”

tmgs a.k.a. Tom, “So am I, in fact I'm about a mile or two from him.”

wolfpup, Florida, “We're back home at Casa Meshuggi in Neptune Beach, outside of Jacksonville.”

Larry in Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

ZombyWoof, Chesapeake, VA, the “Western Branch area right along 664.”

Ken a.k.a. RunnerBiker, “Centerville (Ohio) - South Dayton 'burb. But in 26 days (from October 5, 2003) I'm moving to West Union, South Carolina. I'm gettin' out just before the SNOW flies.”

Durth, “I grew up in Xenia. Now live down by Hillsboro (Ohio).”

kgdb, “Smack dab in the middle of Canada.”

Roundman, just south of Salina, KS

Andy aka Big Stinkie, Gardner, KS

SunShine, in da burgh a.k.a. Pittsburgh, PA

Bill aka Greasy Rider, Raleigh, NC, celebrates his birthday on January 12! Born in 1937, his ride is sixty years younger than him! A 1997 FLHTCI Lehman trike which can be viewed at

Stan (Stang), Kellyville Ridge, NSW, Australia. Email Stan at stan UNDERSCORE gifford AT iinet DOT net DOT au.

Vox Knox aka ilTorco, Knoxville, TN

Willy Wanka
North Western Ohio.
2002 White FLHTCUI
2000 BL&Red XLH 1200

New Joisey
2002 Office Chair for now.

Bear Graves aka Da'Bear
Live in Arizona
Ride an '03 Dyna-Wide

Don Fearn aka Pooder
Live in Minnesota
Ride a '56 FLH (after th' ice leaves for good)

Greasy Rider aka Bill
Raleigh, NC
1997 FLHTCI Lehman trike among other scoots.

Gary C
Escondido, CA


Central Oregon
'03 Ultra, '79 Superglide and the 'Ol Lady, in no particular order (or was that "rides the 'ol lady's ass", especially when she brings the beer unopened???)

Barry L. Van Hook aka Barry #36 (typing in January 2005) wrote: In recent months, approximately 3200 (plus or minus) different ID's access this news group. Not all post. It fluctuates by time of year and time of the week, but that's a good, ball park number.

In the *real*, "Central" New York.
1999 Black FLHR.

Mike Hewitt aka Grumpy DOF #-2, BS#193, MINCE, CVNS, G&W, Cult of Mac
Turlock, CA
Babe v2.0 2000 FLSTC
"No salt, no plans!"

Prince Edward Island
'02 Heritage Classic
A succession of Skirtsters, currently '94 1200
And for Tud's benefit...PEI is an island (except for that 9-mile bridge), NS (I was born there) is almost an island. It would have been if the nineteenth century canal diggers hadn't run out of money. Happy New Year anyway, and have a tall one on me.

bmorey aka Bill
Southern Mich.
'02 Ultra - black [of course]

Jim P
Livonia, MI
'03 Buell XB9R

iltorco aka Vox Knox aka Jim T., aka Torc., aka Iltorco, aka Vox Knox, aka Pox Knox, etc....
Knoxville, TN
'69 Mach 3 350cc Desmo Ducati...Collector's item.
'98 BMW R1100RS...not so quick as the H-D but fast, smooth. & quiet.
'99 H-D FXDX...quick and fast, not as smooth, and T-header loud.

Dr. Quin
'67 Whizbang, bevy of trashed jap bikes,'66 beezer Spitfire
'81 (sold @ 88k),'82 (sold @155k),'E85 (still going strong @153k)

Old Crow
N Cent Arkansas
'82 Shovelhead FLTC 92" 'Pearl'
'95 Jeep Wrangler YJ

South of Boston
'67 Superhawk - the learner
.71 Norton Commando - it was fun, and I was young
'79 XLH - once the ride,now the project
'94 FXRS (red chromed)

Roach AH#123, A Hoodlum© Asshole(tm)
"but I don't mean that in a bad sort of a way"
aka Hoodlums©-TT Social Director aka
AH#123, PH©#2, BS#196, C.O.B.B, DOF Poster Boy
'98 SuperGlide "FXDirty"

Curly aka Hoodlum©#15
Philadelphia PA

Willie Wahoo
Waco, TX
'03 FLHRCI Roadking

Rob the cobb
Brantford, Ont. Canada
'75 shovel FL

Greg B.
Birmingham, AL
2000 FXDWG (that needs tires again)

Hawaii (island of Oahu)
'97 XL 1200 C
'87 FXR "Highly Dangerous"

Scott B
Upstate NY, Just above the PA border
2003 FXDXT with S&S mods
Dyna Super Glide Sport Touring
(Sold the '00 XL-1200C)

John Stafford a.k.a. jjs
AH#2 somewhere in the Tropics of Minnesota

Fred aka Fred Schmed or something
Reliance, TN
'86 GSXR750(w/1127cc) gone but never forgotten.

Traci aka sybil aka AH# 122
The *real* upstate NY
5 minutes south of Saratoga Springs

Plano, TX

Kittitas, WA

Gentleman Dave Patrick BS 100
Cherokee Village, AR 72525
the @#$%in middle of nowhere

Tony aka Tud
I'm Tud from Nova Scotia.
1930 101 Scout basket case
1970 Triumph Bonneville chopper
1972 Triumph Daytona basket case
1974 Honda CB550Four
1984 (I think) Kawasaki KDX80

Canada' eh!
My rides:

Tulsa, Ok
'70 Triumph w/ hack

TaxmanHog aka The "TAXMAN"
Southeastern Mass
1998 Springer Softail

ASSHOLE #104 Len
BS#90 Wolf#21 PH©#3 SENS MANS
'73XLH '99FXD '02FLHRI

Chilly writ re how many people hang around this VB&G? Somewhere around 250 ...
re Who you are?
We're small, angry men with hairy faces and burning feet ...
re Where you are?
I are in Northern Virginia
re What you ride?
A convertable bagger aka 04 FLHTCi "Night"

"Wakko" Waco Glenn
'03 FLSTSI - "BlingBling" (The rare pigs reign)

Harold Gailey
Houston, TX
74 CB 450 Stolen; 74 Z1 900 Traded; 76 FX 1200 Stolen;
78 FX(E) 86ci Daily Rider Nice Weather; 02 FXDX 88ci Daily Rider Other Weather.
Harold Gailey

'98 FLHRCI - "Stella"

Bill G. - AH#125 BS#233
2001 Dyna Wide Glide
Greenwich, NY - (16 miles east of Saratoga Springs)

And Les writ: Ask one of the smart questions & follow thru on the responses...

"Where's the next IRL close to me?"

You'll be glad you did.

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